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New NanoWave® XT Media: Highest Efficiency and unparalleled Energy Rating

Bad Vilbel, Germany 
21 October 2019

Hollingsworth & Vose launched the new NanoWave® XT premium filter media grades that are setting new standards in both filtration and energy efficiency.


Outperforming all other filter media


NanoWave® XT is the new NanoWave® filter media series designed for use in various filter configurations for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in residential and commercial buildings as well as industrial applications.

Tests have shown that the new NanoWave® XT series outperforms all other filter media. It features the highest efficiency in protecting people against hazardous PM1 particles (up to ePM1 90%) as well as double to triple higher dust-holding capacity compared to other premium filter media.


Wherever highest levels of cleanliness are required and the air filtration system needs to effectively remove even the smallest contaminants from the air, NanoWave® XT is the best possible solution. In hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratories, food & beverage production, as well as cleanrooms and electronics production, NanoWave® XT ensures that both people and sensitive components and processes are protected from pollutants.



Reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions


In addition to providing the best possible air quality, NanoWave® XT significantly reduces the energy consumption of a filter.

 Over 75 percent of total operating costs of a pocket filter are energy costs, while only ten percent fall of to purchase costs. That is why filters with lower energy classes (C,D,E) even though lower in pricing, generate much higher energy costs, significantly increasing the overall lifecycle costs of an Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit.


At the same time, as much as 30 percent of energy consumption of an HVAC system happens due to the pressure drop in the air filters. NanoWave® XT media, having up to 40 percent lower pressure drop compared to other premium filtration materials, will significantly lower the energy consumption of the filter and thus of the whole HVAC system.

The advantages for the end-user are the best possible protection from harmful contaminants, lowest overall lifecycle costs, significant energy savings and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.



Keeping people and the environment safe


NanoWave® XT media can be easily and safely disposed of (e.g. thermal waste treatment), without negatively impacting the environment or causing unnecessary disposal costs.

Due to its unparalleled performance, NanoWave® XT sets new standards in both filtration performance and energy efficiency.



Download the Press Release and find out more about NanoWave® XT at         www.NanoWave-hv.com/Downloads


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Due to its unparalleled performance, NanoWave® XT sets new standards in both filtration performance and energy efficiency.


Suzana Vidakovic

Business Development Manager


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