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Hollingsworth & Vose at the FILTECH 2019:

NanoWave® – Innovation for a Cleaner World™

Bad Vilbel, Germany 
28 October 2019

At the FILTECH 2019, Hollingsworth & Vose presented the new NanoWave® XT Platform, premium filter media grades that are setting new standards in both filtration and energy efficiency.

To draw attention to the importance of Clean Air in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, Hollingsworth & Vose invited to a public talk on Indoor Air Quality.


NanoWave® XT Product Launch


NanoWave® XT is the name of a new NanoWave® filter media for various filter configurations for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in residential and commercial buildings as well as industrial applications.

Tests have shown that the new NanoWave® XT series outperforms all other filter media. It features a much higher efficiency and dust-holding capacity, as well as significantly lower pressure drop compared to other premium filtration materials.

This means that in addition to providing the best possible air quality, NanoWave® XT significantly reduces the energy consumption of a filter.          The advantages for the end-user are the best possible protection from harmful contaminants, as well as substantial cost-savings and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Due to its unparalleled performance, NanoWave® XT sets new standards in both filtration and energy efficiency.

Read more about NanoWave® XT here.




 Public Talk on Indoor Air Quality


When talking about air pollution, we usually think of it as being outdoors.

However, the environments where we live and work are also affected by man-made and natural pollution.

Suzana Vidakovic, a Business Manager of Air Filtration Media at Hollingsworth & Vose, talked about air quality within buildings and how it relates to both short-term and long-term effects on the health and comfort of building occupants.

During all three days of the FILTECH, she also discussed how understanding and managing indoor air quality can help reduce serious health risks.


The Talk was hosted on the Hollingswotrth & Vose (H&V) booth, inviting the audience, H&V’s customers and suppliers, the media and bystanders to engage and support H&V’s efforts to build a Safer and Cleaner World.

After the presentation, the H&V Team at the booth was available for questions and to share ideas.


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Clean Air is a precondition of human health and a basic human right. H&V will continue to work on putting a spotlight on the topic of Indoor Air Quality, in addition to a long tradition in developing and offering solutions that provide healthy indoor air.


Suzana Vidakovic

Business Development Manager


+49 6101 981 6729 (Germany)