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NanoWave® Downloads

The benefits of using NanoWave® more than pay for themselves as NanoWave® protects people, optimizes production processes and at the same time complies with all prescribed regulations and standards.

Our Download Area provides you with detailed information all around different NanoWave® grades and their various Applications.

NanoWave® Data Sheets & Certificates

NanoWave® is a unique, patented, industry leading, high-quality product that has higher dust-holding capacity and is much more energy-efficient than similar filter media on the market. To find more detailed technical information please contact us to obtain the appropriate Data Sheet and/or Certificate for each NanoWave® grade.

Replacements for legacy NanoWave® grades

Click here to find the right replacement for previous versions of NanoWave® grades:

Replacement for legacy NanoWave® Grades

NanoWave® Videos

NanoWave® delivers value with superior indoor air quality and energy savings. Learn more by exploring the NanoWave® video library:


NanoWave® Success Stories

NanoWave® filter media provide Clean Air for people at home, school, work and play.

Learn how NanoWave® helps make the world a cleaner and safer place.

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