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NanoWave® – Innovation for a Cleaner World™

NanoWave® provides the best possible air quality, while at the same time, delivering substantial energy savings without negatively impacting the environment.

What is NanoWave®?

What does it do?

NanoWave® is a patented extended surface synthetic filter media that works against hazardous air pollution and provides clean air, at the same time significantly lowering energy consumption in commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

NanoWave® provides extraordinarily low pressure drop and superior dust-holding capacity compared to traditional synthetic media and glass mat.

The use of NanoWave® filter media provides a significant increase in air quality by reducing exposure to fine particles and at the same time provides substantial energy savings without any negative impacts on the environment.

Why is Indoor Air Quality so important?

Indoor air pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems the world is facing today.

Indoor concentrations of some pollutants have increased to a degree of being up to 5 times higher than average outdoor concentrations. Knowing that people spend over 80% of their time indoors, it is not surprising that data shows that 9 out of 10 people breathe polluted air.

Research shows that millions of people die prematurely due to illness attributed to indoor air pollution.

At first, indoor air pollution will cause only discomfort. However, some pollutants can cause serious cardiovascular and respiratory diseases that will appear only after a period of time.

Breathing healthy air where we live, play, study and work is essential.

Air pollution in the workplace can cause irreversible damage to humans and can also have detrimental effects on manufacturing processes and products.

One key way to protect your health against dangerous air contamination is the use of NanoWave® in your HVAC filtration solutions.

NanoWave® has superior dust-holding capacity compared to other available media and meets international filter performance standards (ISO 16890, EN 779:2012, ASHRAE 52.2).

Why is Energy Efficiency in Buildings so important?

The global buildings sector is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide. It is also one of the sectors with the highest energy consumption and CO2 emissions rates – accounting for far more than one third of the global energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

As heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are the largest part of this energy demand, it is crucial to understand how the energy use depends on the HVAC system design and maintenance.

As much as 30% of the energy consumption of an HVAC system is due to the pressure drop in the air filters.

An ideal way to be exceptionally energy efficient and environmentally friendly, is to use NanoWave® in your filtration solutions.

NanoWave® filter media have up to 40% lower pressure drop compared to other premium filtration materials – both glass and synthetic.

Filters made out of NanoWave® media achieve the highest Energy Ratings (A, A+) according to the new 2019 Eurovent Energy Efficiency Rating.

What makes NanoWave® so special?

NanoWave® provides the best possible air quality.

It does so by having an extended filtration surface and a multi-layered, gradient structure, providing superior dust-holding capacity and much lower pressure drop compared to traditional synthetic media and glass mat.

In addition, the filter lifetime is prolonged, so there is no need for unnecessary filter changes causing downtime, which translates into significant cost-savings.

NanoWave® features a patented wave design.

This allows air to permeate the filter with less resistance resulting in much lower energy consumption of Air Handling Units.

The end-user benefits through significantly lower overall costs, while at the same time having the best possible protection against dangerous contaminants.

NanoWave® guarantees the lowest energy consumption.

Its extraordinary low pressure drop, up to 40% lower compared to other premium filter media, allows for filters made out of NanoWave® to achieve the highest energy ratings.

Such a filter installed in an HVAC system significantly lowers its energy consumption leading to substantial annual cost savings.

NanoWave® is a fully synthetic media.

NanoWave® is a fully synthetic (polypropylene) media that maintains its integrity.

There is minimal risk of exposure to loose fibers for operators during filter manufacturing, service technicians during installation/maintenance, nor building occupants during HVAC system in use.


NanoWave® is energy-efficient and fully disposable.

It can be easily and safely disposed of (thermal waste treatment), without negatively impacting the environment. No time-consuming and unnecessary disposal costs will occur.

NanoWave® is a unique sustainable solution that saves energy, protects people’s health and the environment.


NanoWave® outperforms other media.

  •   Mechanical filter media that can be charged to further enhance itsperformance without any negative consequences
  •   Lowest pressure drop for a given efficiency
  •   Lowest overall life cycle costs
  •   Stable in efficiency, unlike other media
  •   Environmentally friendly and safe in both production and use

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